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Available for almost all the languages

Would like to more understand Luang Prabang, to benefit the assistance of a tour guide? Want to book it now for tomorrow ?

We propose you to visit Luang Prabang town with a professional guide and a range of transportation to fit to your need.
You can also ask for a bigger trip, to visit the surroundings of Luang Prabang, the entire Laos, and even neighbouring countries by the partnerships we have forged over the years (including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar).


Rates are regulatory, and start at around 50 USD for an English guide a day for a city tour. Rates are related to the guide language skill : From 55 USD for a French guide, 70 for the German one, to 90 USD for an Italian one. Languages available:

  • French (VTE, LPQ, PKZ)
  • English (All country)
  • German (VTE, LPQ, PKZ)
  • Spanish (VTE, LPQ, PKZ)
  • Italian (VTE, LPQ)
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean

* VTE = Vientiane, LPQ = Luang Prabang, PKZ = Paksé


For a city tour in Vientiane, Luang Prabang or Pakse, add 50 USD for the minivan with air-con including the 1 day chauffeur. You can have less (if you would choose for a local touktouk transport), or more (if you are more than 6 or/and if you plan a big trip).


For a 1 day boat journey around Luang Prabang (for example, reach the sacred Pak Ou Caves, 2 hours boat, and back), you will be charged around 70 USD for a boat of max 6 persons.

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