Singular Architecture

This section was achieved thanks to documents from UNESCO and those made available at Heritage House.

One of the main architectural characteristics of Luang Prabang is the enormous quantity of monasteries present in the town. In the XVIIIth century, there were 65 monasteries.Today, there are about thirty in more or less good condition, of which 22 are in the protected zone.

The extreme diversity in the architectural patrimony of Luang Prabang is one of the main attractions. The blending of traditional architecture with certain foreign influences to which the town has been subjected over the years, is one of its riches.

The strength of Laotian architecture enabled it to continue and even integrate any outside contributions. The charm radiating from Louang Prabang comes from the association of :

  • local or colonial civil architecture, of which Luang Prabang still maintains numerous exceptional buildings intact,
  • religious architecture, of which the buildings are the town’s most ancient legacy,
  • the iconography and the statues

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