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Luang Prabang-Laos.com - Benolaos

Launched in 2005, the 1st version of Luangprabang-laos.com had a goal: providing local information when the tourism office’s websites were not in place. It became de facto a virtual space centralizing information, pictures, tips, and then ideas of journeys in Luang Prabang and all around Laos.

In 2016, Luangprabang-laos and Lonely Tours went partners. Luang Prabang-Laos provides now both information and customized services & tours.

Lonely Tours - Siphone

After 10 years in the travel agency local industry, Siphone started his own company, based in Luang Prabang, with connection all around Asia, working for mostly for local and European markets.

Lonely Tours provides tours all around Laos, for individual and with group, managing all sort of vehicles, all kind of journey, in all languages.

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