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Luang Prabang is definitely the gastronomic capital of Laos. Historically, the town has always been rich in the arts, especially table arts. The best cooks were hired by the King. This created a legacy that has endured. All visitors that stop at Luang Prabang must savour the typical local dishes, which they will find, nowhere else in Laos.

Lao gastronomy is reputed for being well balanced and healthy, novel, delicate and characteristic, with, as a basic element, the well known "sticky rice" which is eaten at every meal by the people of Lao.

  • Lao cookery is balanced. A small use of meat, which is compensated by the association of a huge variety of plants and vegetables, spices and herbs and grilled insects (especially cicadas, chrysalis and bamboo caterpillars ...)
  • Lao cookery is original, delicate and special, mainly because of the typical regional ingredients that are used (the wood used for the préparation of O-Lam, for example, only grows in the province of Luang Prabang). The alga from the Mekong are also very much developed in this region, and because the people of Lao have a tendancy to consider bitterness, as a synonym of medicine, they like the taste.

Experience a half day or an afternoon to learn some local dishes that you can later returned to your country, to the delight of your friend’s curious palate. About 30 USD per person.

Many options are available, ask us, we will propose the alternative that suits you best.

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