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Death. Even though it is painful, it is also looked on as a deliverance by Buddhist religion; which leads to reincarnation or Nirvana (the end of the reincarnation cycle.)

For several days, the coffin stays in the middle of the main room of the house, where close member of the family eat, drink, play cards and have a good time. Crying could hold back the dead person’s spirit which would then be held between the two worlds . Its preferable to hold back one’s tears, even if ...

Then there’s the cremation, where hundreds of people, neighbours, friends, members of the family who sometimes come from far away) ; death here, is still a sacred moment. La ceremony starts by a long prayer, followed by the traditional photographic session, then a wreath of incense and wood will be used to light the coffin’s fire, which will burn for several hours.

The next day, close family members go to the cremation area to gather the rests which will be put in an urn. The dead person will reward those that he wants to pay by helping them to find valuable objects which haven’t burnt, especially those in gold.

Two days afterwards (or later, according to the means that the family manages to get together), after a last ceremony, the dead person is taken to his last abode, carried by dear friends and family. The stûpa will stay in the temple, with the dead person’s ashes inside.

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