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3 hours from Luang Prabang

The Elephant Conservation Center hosts Laos’ first hospital dedicated to elephants that are victims of logging accidents or affected by diseases.

Located in Sayabouly (3 hours by road from Luang Prabang) the center is staffed with an international team of elephant vets and offers free veterinary care services, an emergency unit, a breeding center, a mahout vocational center and the most extensive elephant information center in country.

The Elephant Conservation Center is not just another elephant camp. It provides a global approach to the resolution of various problems striking the last elephants of Laos. Through a dedicated team of international conservationists and vets, programmes are implemented on site and beyond. ElefantAsia, an internationally recognised organisation, runs Laos’ elephant conservation programme from the facility. A true private-public partnership, the Elephant Conservation Center cooperates with multiple conservation organisations around the world.

You can sponsor an elephant. Here are the animals who need your help : http://www.elephantconservationcenter.com/project/sponsor-an-elephant/

The Center proposes several way of visit :

1day visit, beginning at 8:30 in Sayaboury

  • Guided visit of the Center with veterinarians
  • Interacting with elephants
  • Lunch
  • Discover the Nursery
  • Elephant Bath

3 Days / 2 Nights Package

  • Short boat trip on the Nam Tien lake
  • Guided visit of the Center with veterinarians
  • Interacting with elephants
  • Walks with elephants and explore the forest
  • Discover the Nursery
  • Follow the elephants to their night resting place.
  • Elephant Baths
  • Sunset cruise on the lake

6 Days / 5 Nights Eco Experience

This package is your gateway to the Elephant World! During the week, you will share the life of a mahout and learn the basics of this centuries-old craft. Activities include support work at the Center and hospital; feeding the elephants; assisting the mahouts in all phases of their working day. An in-depth encounter with the Giants of Laos. It is possible to extend your stay on completion of your first week. You will then become a long-term volunteer (two weeks up to a month).
A special experience that gives you the real contact with the pachyderms, full of strength, full of love and fidelity.

See more details on the official website, see below.

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