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Living experience in the remote jungle with minorities of Northern-Laos

Day 1: On the first day we can trek to a small Khmu community inside the National Protected Area following a not too challenging but beautiful trail through lush mostly primary forest. Our English speaking guide will explain you all about the way the people live and show the guests around the village. You will experience rural life in this remote village where there is no electricity or roads connecting the village. The night will be spent with a Khmu family in a traditional Khmu house.

Day 2: The second day we can kayak all the way down the Nam Ha river to our fishermen camp in primary forest area. The river runs straight through the forest and at the camp it is really nice for swimming. We can forage jungle veggies and the guides will teach how to cook with bamboo. We will make a nice bonfire and listen to the jungle sounds when the sun goes down.

Day 3: The next day we will kayak a bit further down the Nam ha and Nam Tha river and get out the boats at a small Tai Lue community. We will have lunch in the village and the guide will show them around. Then we hit the jungle trail again. A 4 hour trail will take them high up the mountain where we have yet another camp. This camp has a beautiful view over the NPA and we will watch the sun go down over the forest.

Day 4: In the morning, if the weather conditions are good, we will find ourselves above the clouds and watch the sun color everything red. After breakfast we will descend the mountain following a 5 – 6 hour trail that leads to primary, secondary and bamboo forest. We will cross the Nam Tha river and get the guest back to Luang Namtha.

For info: a 3-day trek is also possible in the same area.

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