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starting in Luang Prabang, UNESCO site

Laos is a small and picturesque country of 7 million inhabitants surrounded by great dragons. In contrast to its powerful neighbours, Laos remains very little exploited, probably because of geological formations (80% of mountains) but also because of its 20 year isolation from the international scene & commerce.

Laos is mostly inhabited by ethnic villages, spiritually attached to a Theravada Buddhism and the cult of the spirits of nature and ancestors. People show a lot of sweetness, pacifism, and an incredible respect and tolerance for everything different. In many aspects, Laos is a country of singularities where opposites can co-exist.

The assistance of a local translator and transportation can help you to meet a culture that is easy to touch but difficult to grasp.

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We organize journeys in all Laos from our base located in Luang Prabang.

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We assist you to create your own journey in Laos, belonging to your sensitivities, and your interests, your range of time and your budget.

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We provide you with French, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean local trained certified guides.

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We offer everywhere in Laos land transports (4x4, minivans, buses, bicycles), fluvial (slow boats, kayaks) and air (national) solutions.

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We are locally based to assist before your arrival for all questions & recommendations, and anytime all along your journey with us

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Recommendations of reading

We invite you to read these few pages about Laos, especially about the rules that we might follow if we want to fully appreciate this peaceful people and country.

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