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This small market is the Laotian "supermarket" where they come to buy their fresh fruit, vegetables and meat, which are proposed in showcases which are not always the way we use to see in most of our countries. Some products are coming from the jungle around, and will be for sure highly exotic for travellers from western countries.

Very active as from 8 o’clock in the morning, its a typical passing spot for Laotians who come to buy and/or to sell. There’s a lot going on ! You can find many unusual foodstuffs like ox-blood which is proposed in gelatinous cubes, serpents, bats, grilled insects (worms, grasshoppers, bee’s larvae, crickets, butterfly chrysalis), giblets covered with flies, caramelised pork’s head, and all sorts of leaves and plants which are used to make the traditional dishes.

You can find Thai products, cultivated in greenhouses, as well as the seasonal Lao products. Freshly caught fish, bunches of local flowers especially made for leaving in the temples as offerings, as well as many other items ... A must see!

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